Eutectic Transport Refrigeration

The Kooltube is a holdover or latent heat storage system. The completed unit comprises a single phase or three phase condensing set coupled to eutectic beams mounted internally to the roof of the body.

The Kooltube is one of the simplest refrigeration systems and has been around in its basic configuration for many years. Simply, it can be compared to a block of ice in a glass of water or to the freezer pack which you freeze in your fridge at home and put into a cooler box to keep your drinks cold.

The system is plugged into a electrical supply until the tubes are properly frozen, unplugged, and then the vehicle used for its delivery round.


  • Silent operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Unit longevity
  • On road emission free
  • Lower running costs
  • Minimal wearing parts
  • Assured refrigeration
  • Electronic expansion value


  • The Kooltube is extruded aluminium containing a non-toxic eutectic solution. A wide range of solutions is available for various temperature applications.

Condensing set

  • Semi-hermetic compressor
  • Simple accessible controls
  • Nose or undermount
  • Auto phase detection and correction

Unit capacitiy and mass

  • The length of the tubes necessary to provide optimum refrigeration performance must be calculated by your dealer.


  • Internal body dimensions
  • Required box temperature
  • Holdover period required
  • Pull down time available
  • Number of door openings per day
  • Insulation type and thickness